Thai Poosam Kavady Flag Raising – 26 January 2023
Thai Poosam Kavady – 4 February 2023

Kavady is a Hindu religious festival that is celebrated by the Tamil community in South Africa and parts of India. It is a form of devotion to Lord Murugan, who is the Hindu god of war and victory. The main feature of this festival is the Kavady which is a wooden or metal frame that is carried on the shoulders by the devotees. It is decorated with various items such as peacock feathers and milk pots, and is accompanied by music and drumming. The festival is a 10-day event and includes rituals such as fasting, penance, offerings and prayers to Lord Murugan. The climax of the festival is the grand procession where the devotees carry the Kavady.

During the Kavady festival, devotees typically use a variety of prayer goods as part of their worship and devotion to Lord Murugan. Some common items include:

  1. Flowers: Many devotees will offer garlands of flowers to Lord Murugan as a symbol of their devotion.

  2. Milk: Milk is often used as a symbol of purity and offered to Lord Murugan as a form of worship.

  3. Fruits: Fruits such as coconuts and bananas are commonly offered to Lord Murugan as a symbol of abundance and prosperity.

  4. Coconut Oil: Some devotees may light a lamp using coconut oil as a sign of devotion and respect

  5. Kavadis (carrying frames): itself is decorated with peacock feathers and other items which is a sign of devotion

  6. Vibuthi (sacred ash): which is applied on the forehead of the devotees

  7. Camphor: it’s use as a fire offering to gods is considered sacred

  8. Incense sticks: they create a nice aroma and pleasing the god

  9. Bells and Conch shells: are used as a part of rituals, the sound is considered auspicious and pleasing to the gods.

Please note that it’s possible that the customs and practices may vary depending on the region and the specific temple or community celebrating the festival.

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