We’ve just unpacked a variety of India’s best selling chips, sweets and drinks. Your next lockdown Netflix binge just got 1000% better!

Spicy Chips

Packed with mind blasting flavour! From masala to salt and pepper to schezwan, from potato to soya to banana – open a pack and enjoy the experience. 

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Speciality drinks

Taste uniquely Indian cool drinks and juices, deliciously good.

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nut and seed brittles

Crispy, crunchy and addictively good. Made with jaggery, our chikkis (brittle) have a smooth, almost caramel like flavour.

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menu inspiration

Quick & Easy Cornitos Nachos

Who can resist a steaming plate of nachos, straight from the oven? With its crispy nacho chips, juicy veggies and meltingly gooey cheese, there’s just no saying no! Versatile [...]