Tips for successful cake making

Baking can be therapeutic. Not only do you get to focus and lose yourself in the process, but all that effort is rewarded with sublime goodness in the form of a delicious cake. However, after spending hours in the kitchen, there’s nothing worse than cutting into your cake and finding a gooey mess.

We know that baking can be more science than art, so we’ve compiled the following tips to help you avoid a few of the common mistakes:



  • In all cases follow the instructions for mixing cakes, etc. very carefully. The specific order and method for making a cake can be vital for successful baking.
  • It’s a good idea to assemble ingredients first before starting. You’ll be able to make sure you have all the necessary ingredients as well as have them within reach for recipes that require a quick succession . 
  • To prevent nuts and fruit from sinking to the bottom of a cake, heat them in the oven first.  
  • Cherries should be washed and thoroughly dried in a clean cloth.



  • Use your flour scoop for putting batter in a tube pan.
  • Use your dish scraper for smoothing batter into a pan.
  • Never line tins with paper, except for fruit cakes, which bake for a long time. Paper makes cakes sweat underneath. Grease tins very well with soft, not melted, butter. Flour them and shake out surplus butter. After the cake is baked cool it for about 10 minutes. Only then remove it from the tin. It will not stick.then cool it on a wire tray, so that air may circulate underneath.
  • Small crinkly paper cases can be used as well as well-greased patty tins for little cakes.



  • Be sure to pre-heat the oven to the correct temperature before putting the batter in.
  • Do not open the oven door until 5 or 10 minutes before the cake is done, as this will cause it to fall.
  • Insert a clean toothpick, or knife, into the centre of the cake. When it comes out clean and dry, the cake is done.



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