Cake Fail? Here’s why.

What’s worse than spending hours baking in the kitchen and having your cake flop? 

If it happens twice. 

If your cake didn’t quite turn out as expected, have a look at the reasons below and be sure to adjust your recipe the next time you try it.


A doughy cake

  1. too little raising agent
  2. baking time too short


A heavy cake

  1. too little raising agent
  2. too much flour
  3. mixture not creamed enough
  4. flour mixed in too vigorously


A dry cake

  1. too much raising agent
  2. not enough liquid or butter
  3. kept too long in oven


A sunken cake

  1. too much liquid, raising agent or sugar
  2. too little flour
  3. using self raising flour for rich cakes
  4. oven door opened too soon or cake moved during baking


A badly cracked top

  1. oven too hot
  2. Cake tin too small


Fruit sunk to bottom

  1. fruit not properly dried
  2. cake mixture too thin
  3. too much raising agent
  4. fruit added before flour


Crusty, sticky and moist

  1. too much sugar used


Uneven surface

  1. tins too near sides of oven
  2. oven heat uneven
  3. oven shelf not level

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