Storing Your Dates

When stored properly, fresh dates can last for a surprisingly long time. Storage therefore depends on how long you want to keep them for.

It’s important to always ensure that you store them in an airtight container as this avoids them drying out and keeps insects from getting in.

Up to 4 weeks

You can store fresh semi-soft dates, such as Khodari and Sulog in a cool dark area (away from sunlight) for up to 4 weeks. For a soft date like Medjool, the fridge is best as they dry out quickly.

Up to 6 months

When stored in the fridge, dates can remain fresh for up to 6 months. If it is a semi-soft variety, they generally last longer.

Up to 2 years

Sealed tightly, and kept in the freezer, fresh dates can last for 2 years!

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