Ramadaan Must-Haves with Haseena Vawda

Recreating the amazing recipes with her kids that she made in the kitchen with her mom and granny is just one of Haseena’s (@the_daily_dilemna) many special traditions during the month of Ramadaan.
She spills the tea on her essential products as well as her recipe for the Ramadaan speciality, Phirni – a simple dessert made with semolina.

What are your favourite memories of Ramadaan? 

Ramadaan for me always conjures up memories of my childhood.  For me it was the time spent in my mom and my granny’s kitchens.  As children we would page through all the beautiful recipe books choosing from the most mouthwatering pictures (usually a dessert!) that we would like to make.  We would usually assist with something each day and then count down the hours until we could dig into those scrumptious treats!

Our Iftaar table always had dates, and some savouries and chutney, as well as hot badaam milk.  Milkshakes, usually the pink or green elachi syrup or Bombay crush flavours, also always made an appearance on the Iftaar menu.  We would love to soak the tookmaria seeds and watch them as they soaked up the water.  Then gently pop them into the milkshake along with the grated clear jelly.

I cannot reminisce about Ramadaan without fondly recalling the plates of foods that would always arrive just a few minutes before Iftaar from all the neighbors. We would then quickly add something we had on our menu to the plate and return it just minutes before the adhaan echoed loudly from the mosque speakers in the area signaling that it was time to break our fast.

As always food brings back beautiful memories and to date I still try to recreate some of these memories with my own children.

What are your top Ramadaan must-haves in the kitchen?

Get Haseena’s recipe for Phirni

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