Ramadaan Must-Haves with Yumna Rooknodien

Yumna Rooknodien is a mum, recipe creator and the magic behind @morethanmumsza. We asked her to share her five top Ramadaan must-haves, a few tips to help make life easier in the kitchen and some of her most fond Ramadaan memories. 

What are your top tips for Ramadaan? 

We tend to eat more savouries in this month so to save time, I make these before Ramadaan starts and store them in the freezer. I also air fry as much as possible to be a bit healthier. Also, meal planning is very essential. I ask my family for their input, what meals they are craving and add it it to my weekly meal plan. In this way I only have to shop once a week.

What are your top five Ramadaan must-haves in the kitchen?

What are your favourite memories of Ramadaan? 

After evening prayers, my family and I love to sit together and have something sweet to drink. My children also take turns to set and decorate the table in a colour scheme of their choice.

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